Retreat Gear Tips


Keep this category of stuff light -- find out if there's laundry service at your destination. If so, pack for half the retreat to save on space. 

The list:

1. Surf and sun protection - rashies, surf leggings, tops with flat base bands that won't dig into you while you're paddling for those waves! 

2. Yoga gear - tops and leggings can double for surf 

3. Bikinis

4. Cover-up 

5. Dinner outfits - I like one maxi dress, one short dress, and some cas shorts and tops  

6. Yacht outfit - think appropriate for wading through knee deep water  

7. Shoes - a flip flop, a sneaker, casual sandals

8. Long pants (for bugs, plane, bus, van, etc.) 

9. Socks 

10. Shoes - a comfy sandal, pair of flip flops you don't mind losing at the beach, sneakers 


1. Flash light/ head lamp 

2. Bug spray 

3. Sun screen 

4. Activity bag 

5. Camera 

6. Sports tape (a very nice to have in case of cuts and scrapes) 

7. Other personal first aid (prescription medications, stomach remedies, allergy meds, EPI pen, inhaler, etc.) 


1. Shampoo + conditioner - depending on location hotel bottles may not be enough and you'll want a large glop after ocean hair

2. Loofah

3. Skin care - I like a good Vitamin E oil 

4. Toothbrush/paste + floss  


Pack enough easy for travel snacks. You never know how long it'll be before you reach that acai bowl! 

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