Vivian is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor based in New York City. She teaches vinyasa classes that challenge students of all levels to pursue progressive successes. She enjoys a deep, sweaty practice that takes her to her limits and intelligently works the body and keeps the same in mind with her classes.

Athleticism and exploration have always been important to Vivian. Growing up on the West coast, Vivian cultivated a diverse sports background, playing volleyball since she could remember and gradually expanding to basketball, muay thai, swim, surf, SCUBA, and lacrosse. After moving to NYC, she continued to embrace movement in the form of high intensity fitness classes, indoor rock climbing, road and obstacle races, strength training, and yoga. Vivian began her yoga practice help her through an injury. She was quickly captivated by the many benefits of practice and began a regular practice to balance out her other activities. Vivian completed her 200-hour certification and mentorship program at Yoga Vida in NYC. 




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