RETREAT, because adventure is the best way to grow. 

Meet me at some of the most beautiful places on earth for exploration, discovery, rejuvenation, and, of course, yoga! Every retreat is your opportunity to treat your body and feed your soul any way you desire. This is a judgment-free, care-free, no holds bar zone. Use this you-time to focus on something you want to create for yourself, whether that be relaxation, strengthening your practice, photography, handstands, inner get the idea! 

What's Next?

Where do you want to go?

I'm currently scouting out locations, resorts, and partnerships, near and far! I'm always on the lookout for places with all types of natural beauty. I love providing an ultra-luxe, as well as an adventure experience, highlighting fresh, local fare, and, of course, delivering some warm smiles and belly laughs!  

Contact me with requests and collabs! 

Choosing Your Retreat

Retreat Guppies

Thinking about a yoga, wellness, or fitness retreat for the first time? My first retreat, I knew I wanted to experience a wellness getaway, but I was nervous about signing up! I didn't know the participants very well and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Like many students, I put my trust in one of my favorite teachers. I'm very happy I did because it was a wonderful and unique experience.  Read more about what I learned in choosing the right experience. 

Wellness Adventurers 

I love trying new things and discovering new people and places, and I want to do it with awesome people! I'm particularly partial to islands and oceans and love to have a pool-side lounge space as well as a lot of activity options to fill my day. Asana classes will always be a staple, but we will get out to do and see the highlights of wherever we are - after all, thats's the point right? I welcome all who want to come develop new friendships and explore our planet, while getting some daily doses of movement.  

Ready To Go? 


My Sample Packing List

I want to experience it all when I'm on retreat - surf, yoga, snorkel, diving, bon fires, sailing, cliff climbing, caving, laying in the sun, you name it! 

I put this list together for you based on things I've used or wish I had when visiting tropical and ocean locations. Of course, make sure you add/subtract based on destination, climate, and activity. 

Areas Explored

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Belize Yoga Intensive, Dec. 11-17, 2016

El Sal Surf + Yoga, Feb. 25-Mar. 4, 2017

Maui Surf + Yoga, June 3-9, 2017



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